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Ethical software, freedom of expression, journalism, history, activism, science, environmentalism, typography, design, systems, communication, philosophy, books, physics, biology, zoology, astronomy, metaphysics, logic, ethics, aesthetics, poetry, theatre, music, rhetoric, psychology, linguistics, economics, politics, government, and everything else in the world. In other words, I’m an enthusiast of sorts.

Tech Projects

My Work

The Taliaferro Times — the official school newspaper and creative writing club of Booker T. Washington High School: Site and the Source Code

CultureBridge Tulsa — the official manual site for CultureBridge Tulsa, a project of Youth Philanthropy Initiative, which aims to promote a greater understanding of the immigrant experience to inspire the people of Tulsa to empathize with immigrants and to unite against cultural and political barriers: CultureBridge Tulsa Manual - note: still under active construction.


protonvpn-cli-ng on the Arch User Repository: Link

Mailflow 72 — the Mailflow Apple Mail plugin for hard wrapping plain text, modified for 72 characters: Source Code

Cryptomator Libre - a Cryptomator fork which removes all restrictions ordinarily lifted by a “donation key” - please donate anyhow: Cryptomator Libre


Mailspring Libre — a completely free fork of the Mailspring email client: GitHub

Sourcehut - the hacker’s forge: Sourcehut